Friday, July 16, 2010

23 yrs. old, 6'4 and blond

Oh my goodness, I am so tickled by Kelly's Korner-Show Us Your Life! I have to participate, even if I do get into trouble. I can always use the excuse that he is out of the country so I couldn't ask first! =)

Okay, so my brother-in-law, Caleb is so stinkin' cute and SINGLE! He is 23, 6'4, blond (sometimes curly-depending on length) hair. He is the 4th of 6 children. His parents were missionaries in Guatemala for 7 years before moving here 10 years ago. He graduated from William's Baptist College and is currently looking for a coaching/teaching job-while waiting he is working at a hospital. He is fluent in Spanish and loves sports. He is also the head coach of his former home school senior high boys basketball team. He loves kids, loves the Lord and loves his family. Oh and I almost forgot to add, expect to be treated like a lady as you will have doors opened and your momma will fall in love with his manners-yep, he is one guy that still says yes and no ma'am!

Caleb and his brothers, Caleb is on the left:

Here he is with his sisters and parents.

I have high standards for any girl he dates! I have always been pretty protective over him. So our requirements are: You must be an active Christian, easy going, love sports, and kids and of course, like me because I could be your sis-n-law! =) He and his brother (my hubby) are very close!

In this photo, Caleb had just helped his sister's boyfriend at the time, set up his proposal.


Shannon said...

Hey! My name is Shannon I'm 22. I don't live very close, but I thought I you send along my info...just in case :) (so far all the cute guys live far away haha!)

I wrote a little about me on my blog.


Gabby said...

Hello. My name is Gabby. I'm 19. In Wyoming. I posted about me on my blog. I would love for him to check it out!

Cassie said... said...

ya! what's with him still being single. Ive wanted to hook him up forever.

Sarah said...

Hi! Well - I posted a little bit about me on my blog (, if he would be interested.

Thank you for introducing us to your brother-in-law!

God bless!

Suz said...

Has he seen this? lol!

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