Monday, August 9, 2010

Two Years and Counting...

I cannot believe how fast two years have gone by. I have been given the great honor of being Stephen's wife! I love him so very much. I am very blessed. We have had quite the adventure these past two years! I just want to recap, so we can look back and remember what our first two years were like!

-May 16, 2008 Engagement day

-End of May, June and July-We were in Mexico for a Mission Trip (Planning our wedding via email and short/quick phone calls)

-Returned from Mexico on August 1st

-Bridal Portraits August 4th

-We were married on August 9, 2008

-We honeymooned in Branson, MO (I forgot my suitcase in my car at the church, so we had to go buy the main necessities until my dad brought me my suitcase the next day...yes, a little embarrassed to see my dad on my honeymoon, but was thrilled to have clothes) We stayed through a Tuesday Aug. 12th, I believe, and then made our way back to our parent's house.

-We each went and packed up our belongings in two days and started the journey to California

-We arrived in California on August 15th, homeless and jobless! So we stayed in a hotel in Irvine for 4 days, until we decided on an apartment.

-Our first home, a one bedroom, one bathroom upstairs apartment in La Habra, CA Rent $1225/mo! Yikes! Didn't even have a dishwasher or washer and dryer!

-We attended many churches, looking for the perfect fit, somewhere we could serve. Didn't find that perfect fit until we started attending "One At A Time" a homeless church, in downtown Los Angeles. We quickly fell in love with this church. It was the perfect place for us to minister and be ministered to.

-We were able to come home for Christmas, and were able to attend both of Stephen's sister's weddings. I unfortunately missed the birth of my sweet niece by a day. But I was able to come back home to meet her when she was 3 months old.

-We had visits from our good friends Aaron and Beth for Thanksgiving of 2008, my sister and her husband came out for their babymoon in March and I was able to take some Maternity pics for her. My BIL also came for his visit.

-Stephen graduated from Seminary and was also given a job offer for Grace Point Church in Bentonville, Ar. so we were able to make the move back home!!!

-Both of our parent's made the trip out to help us move and celebrate Stephen's graduation from Seminary and his birthday!

-We left our over-priced tiny apartment in La Habra, CA and made the long journey back to Arkansas with my dad on May 18th.

-Now we currently live in Rogers, Arkansas and Stephen is working for Tyson and Grace Point Church. We have been blessed with a 3 bedroom house, a dishwasher and a washer and dryer!!!

Hopefully, by our next anniversary I will be able to say we are Pregnant! We will see what God has in store!

Oh and I really need to update our blog!


Suz said...

Yay for a post!

Wow! Two years has flown by for sure! Happy Anniversary! We are so glad ya'll are back! :)

Danielle said...

It's crazy how quickly it goes by! I think it is awesome you two are back here. Can't wait to see what God blesses you with the next couple years. (Hopefully some kiddos!)

The Disheroons said...

Congrats! Good luck on the baby thing too.

Josh Healy said...

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