Saturday, October 2, 2010



I have run out of steam to update this post much, but I wrote it just a couple days after I found out that I was pregnant. So I want to just go ahead and post it like it was written, but add to it so it makes a little more sense. I had a horrible night of sleep on September 1 and just couldn't sleep and had a lot of nausea. I got up after only a couple of hours of sleep that night and ate a little snack and got on facebook. I really wanted to get some sleep so I went back to bed to try again. I laid there for 4 hours trying to get comfortable. So needless to say, I had a lot of time to think. I started thinking of all the symptoms I had, the increase of smell and breast tenderness I had and all of a sudden thought to myself, I must be pregnant. So I get up, crawl out of bed with my phone as my light, and go to our hallway closet where my pregnancy test was stored. I got the test out(trying to be completey quiet so I didn't wake Stephen up)and went to the bathroom to take the test. I realized that this was the cheap dollar store test and i was going to need a cup. Well, I didn't want to use one of my drinking glasses so I decide to find an empty water bottle. I have to cut the bottle so it is usable. I do my business and then look at the test. I wash my hands, and then standing in front of the mirror look at the test. I look back in the mirror and say, "oh my gosh, I'm pregnant" and then I duck down-not so sure as to why I duck down, I guess just making sure I am really talking to myself in the mirror! Then I get back up and look in the mirror again and say it one more time-like it will help it sink in better! Ha! I can't even think about going back to bed, so I decide to sit down and write a letter to my sweet little baby.

So, after I wrote my letter to my new baby, I went back to bed to try and sleep. I tried sneaking into bed so I didn't wake Stephen. No luck! He opens his eyes and asks what I'm doing. I said sorry, and that I hadn't slept all night. He said why not, and then I said, I have been sick and that I had been in the restroom. He then immediately asked if I took the test. I just smiled, kind of with my hand over my mouth and shook my hand. He said, and it's positive isn't it. Again, I nod and giggle. He says, no you are lying. I shake my head no, and then show him the test. Then we lay there and talk about what we need to do to prepare for this new change in our lives.

We get up and go eat, because I am starving. And shortly after I fall asleep on the couch for a couple of hours. Then I wake up and we go and buy prenatal vitamins, sea bands and another test, just to be sure. But we don't get the test because dollar general has them cheaper. Well, when we get to dollar general, of course they were out of the dollar test. So we wait, we are pretty sure anyway. Stephen ate tuna that day and just about knocked me out with that terrible smell! He got a big kick out of it, I went back to the bedroom until he finished!

We went out to Stephen's parents on Saturday to watch football and celebrate labor day. We ate grilled chicken for lunch and wings for dinner. We played washers and then watched the Razorback game-they won!

On Sunday we went to church and Stephen told me that he was pretty sure that his brother (who stayed the night with us) saw the pregnancy test wrapper in the trash. Oops! So we made the announcement to Caleb, that afternoon. But warned him that he couldn't tell. We were waiting to go to the doctor before we told the rest of our families!

We believe I am about 5-6 weeks. I have felt very queasy, and I have had a little back pain. And then Sunday I didn't feel well at all, I think I have already caught a cold. Stephen went and picked up egg drop soup for me today! Hopefully, I'll be all better tomorrow. I am going to try to go to the doctor this week. I'm a little nervous.

Okay, well that is all for now. Oh, I haven't gained any weight yet, but I do have a good little pudge belly. It's quite large right after I have eaten! I don't think I will fit in my pre-pregnancy clothes for very long! I have been trying to come up with the ultimate plan to share the news with our families. And I think I have it, if I am able to pull it off without it being to obvious of what I am doing!

Originally written on September 6, 2010


Mommy of KraftyGang kids said...

we are soooo excited for you guys!

Suz said...

I love this story!! YAY!!!!

The "W" Family said...

Congratulations! Such a sweet story!

Danielle said...

What a sweet post! It will be a good one to look back on and read. What a great idea to write a letter to the baby!!

The Disheroons said...

Congrats. I am excited for you guys. It will definitely change your life. In a good way.