Thursday, October 28, 2010

Telling our Families

I had really thought a lot about how I wanted to share the news with our families. I went through lots of different ideas and just ended up doing it the most simple way- but to the point.

So lets start with the Fulton side. It was Abby's (Stephen's sis) birthday on September 21. We celebrated with a family party on September 26th. Since I had been trying to figure out a fun way to announce the big news without giving it away with something random we decided that we could just offer to make the birthday cake! So I took Pioneer Woman's sheet cake recipe and made the cake. I decorated it to say, Happy Birthday Aunt Abby. We put the cake is a rubber maid tub so no one could see it before it was "time". So we made the 45 minute drive out to West Fork and then up and down the rocky rough road to their house. When we got there Stephen looked in the tub and said oh gosh, it's messed up. It looked like a mud slide. All of the yummy chocolate icing slid with all of the writing and filled the bottom of the tub with icing. So we had to rush to fix it before we ruined the surprise. Susan my mil, wanted so badly to come and help. Stephen just kept telling her it was important to me to keep it a surprise. So we were able to fix the writing.

We had lunch(roast and mashed potatoes and gravy-my favorite) and then I had Stephen get the cake from outside and to light the candles. He brought the cake it holding it up to the ceiling. It was pretty funny. When he sat the cake on the table, Abby immediately knew what it said (plus she said she dreamed the night before that I was pregnant) and then Susan saw it and it kind of took a second and then she gasped. Gary my fil, was sitting right at the table with the cake in front of him and he said, "what, what does it say?" Susan said, "READ IT" and then it was out! Stephen's brother Andrew and sister Liz, were not able to be there so Gary suggested we just send them a picture text of the cake that said, Robin made the cake, I immediately said, "Stephen helped". It was a very fun way to share the news. My only other option was to share it with fortune cookies with a little message that read, "in a little less than 9 months your title will change" since Stephen proposed to me with fortune cookies he made with help from his mom and youngest sister. But I thought that may be a little random to show up with fortune cookies. So here are some pics from the cake (baby) reveal.

Telling my side of the family! This was a little more tricky to do since we weren't celebrating anyone's birthday. Plus we were not going to tell one side of the family without telling the other side if we couldn't do it all in one day.

I had planned on telling Suzette (my little sis) when I took their family pictures. But she ruined the surprise and asked me over the phone! I immediately went over to her house and we went through her maternity clothes, books and she even decorated a cake for me. She had to keep it a secret for a few days!

So I had her try to work out the details with my mom so it wouldn't seem so obvious coming from me. We just told her that we were going to come over that Sunday evening and take their family pics so we would see them when they got back from small group. Well, mom kept insisting that we wait until the next weekend so they could be there longer. Well, we insisted and went on and took a couple of family pics for them and our way to surprise my parents. We sat my mom and dad (well he didn't sit) down and showed them a slide show of the pics we took that day of Kyah.

My older sister and her kids had come up to my parent's house to get one of the kids homework. I told him to get his mom to come in real quick. She came in and I told her and my nephew. She said she was going to get my other two nephews and let them be in on the surprise too. The only kicker was my little nephew was sick with mono. Luckily, I had already had mono when I was younger so I was okay. So we were able to let them in on the surprise too!

The only person left in my immediate family to tell was my brother and his wife. I knew it was going to get out before I could tell them. So we shut down comments on our facebook page and one night at almost midnight after small group we went and put signs on their vehicles that said, "Lucky you, you're getting another niece or nephew! Guess Who?" It was super ghetto because I couldn't find my poster board so I ended up writing it on printer paper and a large piece of cardboard! Misty was a little confused with which one of us it was and texted me and Suzette that morning. It was neat! So that was the big reveal!


Suz said...

LOVE LOVE those pics! Susan's faCE IS Priceless and I love how Kyah is looking back and forth between you and Stephen!!! Haha! CAn't wait to celebrate your birthday this weekend! Love you!

Mommy of KraftyGang kids said...

Loved reading how to told everyone! Great pictures too!

Cassie said... said...

I love reveals! They are the best!