Friday, December 17, 2010

Ultrasound Day

Oh my goodness, can I just say how incredibly nervous I was about 2 hours before our appointment! I was incredibly nervous that something would be wrong with the baby, that we wouldn't be strong and keep to our plan to wait until Christmas eve to find out the gender, that the ultrasound tech. wouldn't be patient and work with us on our big secret and take the time to help us out, I was nervous that the baby wouldn't participate and show the tech. the "goods." I think the list could go on, but we made it! The only thing I could have asked for was a video of the ultrasound. Apparently they are not capable of doing recordings at this hospital. Our tech. was really good and printed a ton of pics! Our little baby was measured to weigh 13 oz, the heart beat was 150, and she figured our due date was May 5 (the original date we were given was May 8th) so the measurements are pretty close! The baby was very cooperative during the first part where she was measuring all of the stuff for the doctor and then when she started pointing out stuff to us he/she was all over the place! It was hard to stay still because I really felt the baby moving! At one point he/she had arms crossed, a little later the legs were crossed at the ankles and then when she turned the monitor to look for the "goods" she had some trouble catching the perfect photo because he/she was moving all over the place. And then at the end of the ultrasound he/she moved it's legs into a pretzel shape! Oh how I love this baby so much already! I can't wait for Christmas eve.

Suzette, my little sis made me two cards. One for a boy and one for a girl. We haven't seen the cards. I just had Suz stick them in an envelope and then took them to the tech. She took both cards and an envelope and placed the appropriate card in the appropriate envelope with the "goods" photos and handed us the envelopes back. So now we are just waiting on Christmas eve to find out the gender of our little baby! Part of me is really wondering if it's a girl, becuase she had to switch to a different "scanner head" if you will to get better frequency. But this could have been just because the baby was all over the place. We shall see!!!

We have a neat little reveal for how we will tell our families. We will tell the Fulton side on Christmas day and then we will tell my side the day after Christmas when we get together with them! Oh I can't wait!

Daddy was able to feel you move tonight. As soon as he put his hand on my belly you punched or kicked him! We were at the movies and had just set down. I felt you move for the first time on December 6. You are usually rowdy at night, but lately you have been active during the day too! I love feeling you move!


Jenn said...

Robin, what a sweet post! Baby Fulton is going to love reading this years later!

Cassie said... said...

do you really think one side can keep it a secret from the other side for an entire day???