Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bathroom Sniper

Okay, so when Stephen and I first discussed who would be in the delivery room, we decided it would be just the two of us. But then I started thinking of how I wanted pictures and video and couldn't figure out how to get all of that and allowing Stephen to be in the pictures and focused on me and Milena not on taking photos. So I told him, that I would like to have both our mothers and that they could video and take pics. Well, that was sort of up in the air, but was an option. Ideally, I wanted to let our sisters come in as well, but I really kind of thought that may be too many people considering he has 3 and I have 2. During the labor process, I really didn't have a preference. I just knew that I wanted pics/video. Well, my nurse told them that she didn't think my doctor would be okay with that many people, so maybe 4 total. Well, we felt bad for kicking some out and letting some stay in. So my bold sister, Suzette said oh let them stand in the bathroom with me while I record from this angle. So she went and got them and they (Stephen's sisters) all piled into the shower area with Suzette at the door way of the bathroom with the video camera on the tripod.

When the doctor came in, he put his mask on and then turned toward the bathroom to look in the mirror (since the door was opened) and he immediately ducked! And then started laughing. He said he had been down in the doctor's lounge watching a movie the snipers in it, and my sis and camera/tripod scared him. It was a very comical moment...I even laughed!

I don't have a picture of Suzette, it must be on my parent's camera.


Cassie said... said...

Im so glad they could all be a part of that special moment!

Suz said...

Oh yes I have a bunch of pics for you!