Tuesday, May 31, 2011

One Month

I can't believe Milena is already a month old. Well, actually a little over a month old since I am just now getting a chance to write this. We have had such a busy month! We have been busy getting to know each other, busy with laundry, busy celebrating Easter, laundry, Mother's Day, Daddy's birthday, laundry, Gram's birthday, meeting great Aunts and Uncles, laundry, and Memorial Day (5th week).

I love Milena so much! She loves to cuddle, which has made it difficult for our sleeping arrangements. We were those parents, who said, our baby would not sleep with us. She proved us wrong the first night at home when she would not sleep in her pack and play. Mommy and daddy were exhausted, so daddy said just put her in bed with us. Oops!

Milena absolutely adores taking showers! She is not such a fan of taking baths in her tub by herself. So the shower it is! She would prefer to sleep on her tummy, but I'm so paranoid of SIDS that I will not allow her on her tummy at night.

She wakes up every 2-3 hours on the dot. Hopefully this will change soon as this momma will be going back to work next week (I think) so I need some better sleep. She loves her bouncer and was not a big fan of her swing. But I have gotten her to swing in it for about 30 minutes, so hopefully she will begin to love it.

We have been to see her pediatrician twice. The first visit was when she was 5 days old, she weighed 7lbs 3oz. and the 2 week visit she weighed 8lbs 12oz on May 13.

She is very active and likes to lift her head up when she is up on your shoulder. Her favorite position to be held. She likes her feet tucked up and a good pat on the back. She immediately took to nursing when she was first born and we haven't really had any problems other than soaking the bed at night during our sleepy feedings!

She is a pampers baby. For some reason, maybe because of her tiny hiny she inherited from her daddy, she leaks in huggies. We moved up to size 1 diapers on her 4th week. She isn't a huge fan of riding in the car. When she gets really mad she takes both hands and scratches her pretty face.

I let Stephen give her a bottle for the first time on Sunday the 21st. She took it really well-she likes to eat! Mommy didn't take it well-she cried! She went to church for the first time on Saturday the 20th. She woke up right after daddy finished leading worship. So daddy took her out and walked her for a while until it was his time to go back up to close the service. I took her to the nursery to eat.

I guess that's a good enough update for now. Little stink bug is trying to wake up so I better go get some laundry done before it's too late! Blogger still won't let me upload any pictures.

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Suz said...

Love that little sugar bear! She's the perfect addition to our family! She is only 5 weeks old but I can't remember what life was like before she arrived!!!