Sunday, June 12, 2011

Back to Work

Oh how I dreaded the weekend before I went back to work! I was so emotional that weekend. I just tried so hard to take in every moment and store her tiny features and actions in my brain forever! I just don't want to forget these short moments. I started on June 6th and only worked half a day, so it made it a little easier. I picked up Milena before I left and just started to cry. Oh why must we need money and health insurance! Luckily I was able to leave her with Stephen so it made it a little easier. My next day of work was Wednesday, and it was a full day! Stephen took her to my mom and he had some separation anxiety. He sent me a text right after he left her and said, "I just left her sleeping. =(" It was sweet. I love it because it gave him a good feel of what I felt on Monday. It was kind of nice to get out with adults again and feel like myself. But I did miss her terribly! My parent's had such a good time playing dress up with her when she was awake. They put her in my old dresses and even in her great great grandmother's dress. I love that we have family close by so they can help us watch her. Work has been great so far to allow me to work part time. So I am only there Monday afternoons and Wednesday all day and some days Friday. So that is a huge blessing.

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